The Consultant Class Ran the Bernie Campaign to the Ground & Disenfranchised the Grassroots

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A. BERNIE 2020 CA CAMPAIGN AUTOPSY : Bernie Sanders won California but is that really enough? From the beginning of the campaign, establishment players infiltrated the upper ranks of the Bernie 2020 Campaign — from the local to the state to the national levels–and contributed to its failure as a progressive grassroots-centered organization, alienating the grassroots.  The Sanders campaign was non-reactive to the impending voter suppression and election issues experienced in California, despite warnings from concerned supporters, staff and local journalists. General disorganization, focus on optics rather than deep on-the-ground community outreach, and knee-jerk decisions made by the consultant class of staffers also affected the outcome. Panelists will share their first-hand experience as involved observers, volunteers and paid staff as they discuss key players and personal experiences.  

B. BERNIE 2020 DELEGATE SELECTION PROCESS: Establishment forces within the Bernie campaign all over the country have been throwing awesome, dedicated and hardcore Berners off the District delegate candidate lists in favor of candidates that, according to Rafael Navar from Bernie 2020 CA campaign, would “not disrupt at the DNC and would follow the directives” of the campaign apparatus – or what’s left of it.  This prompted grassroots groups to vet its own delegate candidates to drive Bernie’s progressive priorities at the DNC and even elect Bernie as the nominee if Biden is forced out. Furthermore, the campaign is forcing Bernie delegates to sign unprecedented NDA and behavior and social media policies, essentially muzzling Bernie delegates at the DNC (Milwaukee or virtual). Panelists will discuss this current state of affairs, and Feel the Bern Democratic Club, LA’s recommendations for Bernie delegates in LA County will be shared.